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Animals Do Talk. Please find my videos below. Some are for free – some can be purchased via the provided links.

Fully Integrated Telephatic Animal Scanning

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To Help You And Your Animal

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About Anette

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Intuititive Theta Gamma Healing Technique for Animals Course

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Fully Integrated Telephatic Animal Advisor

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Animal Teleshaper

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Telepathic Tracking of Animals

We all have Our own BioPhoton Electromagnetic Field and Individual Code, like an individual mobile phone.
We are all electromagnetic on Quantum levels and our physical matter resides inside this BioPhoton Electromagnetic Field!
Hear why and how we are able to track all Living Beings!

Staying on the path, in the right way, with Animals

How to understand the whole being of animals and Your animal relations.
All animals have their own animal personality.
All animals have fundamental emotions and empathy and specialized Intelligences and fixed pattern of behavior, locomotion and reactions.
No animal is stupid, hear why!

How Animal sensitivity, emotions, intelligences and consciousness works

Anette combined her experiences and co-existence with Wild and domestic animals and discipline of her brainwaves, using minds of Masters in the East and with her studies in the West.
Animals are not the only Animals. Humans are partly Animal, too.
What kind of physical senses, emotions, intelligences, mindset, consciousness and ego do animals have?
Why positive reinforcement and shaping is important.
What kind of Quantum Telepathic communication system do animals possess?

Telephatic Animal Communicator

A Course and Education to learn how to telepathically communicate with Animals.
We are all Telepathic Living Beings.Here is how it works.
What you must train to go into the Telepathic Universe of all Living Beings.
How Your nerve system and brainwaves impact this skill.
How to raise Your level of good health and consciousness.

Telephatic Communication with Animals

Telepathic Communication with Animals opens up Your heart and activates Your seven minds, so You sense the world and Your relations differently.
Learn about the Universal Love Channel, The Schumann Resonance, and the three meditative states.
Do You want to go into this magnificent ‘other world’ and hear the real voices of Evolution?

Intuitive Theta Gamma Healing Technique for Animals

By Your strong Will and Compassionate Will, and disciplined meditative practice, activate Your lower and medium Gamma brainwaves.
A nerve system in high frequencies, in the blue-violet BioPhoton Electromagnetic area, will attract and raise the frequency of other living being’s nerve systems, which is vitalizing and reconstructive for any lifeform.
First, learn to connect with the Animals in the Universal Love Channel, the Schumann Resonance of High Theta and Low Alpha brainwaves.

Dogs and Emotions

Dogs and Their Behaviour

Cats – A Solitary Predator

Cats and The Calming Signals

Older Animals

Older and Younger Cats

Dogs and Cats

Animals Movement Patterns

Signal with Click

Continuously signal with click

Signal with Yes

Continuously signal with yes

Combi with click

Continuously combi with click

Combi with Yes

Continuously combi with yes

Yes and reinforce

Continuously Yes and reinforce

Continuously click and reinforce



To-Do list to Help Planet Earth

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The Prayer from Humans to Humans, part 1

The Prayer from Humans to Humans, part 2

Earth Day 2022

Quantum Telepathy

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Nature Talks Talk to Nature

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Planet Earth The Future Depends On Our Kids

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