Nature’s Kingdom

Excerpts from Part Four: Nature’s Kingdom --- Intelligence Respected

What is the difference between liking and loving? If you like a flower, then you pick it, but if you love the flower, then you water it daily. He who understands this understands life.

The Buddha

All ecosystems have their own area bio-electromagnetic field which bio-diversity is part of. It has a collective frequency of all the living beings EM fields added together. All the kingdoms of Nature are part of a planetary BioEM field, with each kingdom providing a different vibration for universal integrated planetary balance. The minerals were here first, before all lifeforms evolved, and thus minerals are the most fundamental elements in building lifeforms in evolution. They actually come from the stars, so we too are from the stars, so the old saying is true.

When we talk about the vibratory frequency field of the planet, few non geologists realize it but much of the mineral wealth of Earth—and I am talking about species of minerals, not quantities—has yet to be identified. “Many more mineral species are yet to be discovered,” reported a 2015 geological study, “or have occurred in the past but are lacking on Earth today.” The study pointed to quartz as the most abundant widely scattered mineral among 4,831 mineral species reported so far on the planet. “Mineral Species Frequency Distribution Conforms to a Large Number of Rare Events Model: Prediction of Earth’s Missing Minerals.” Hystad G. Et al. Math Geosci. 2015.

Some minerals, such as quartz, are electrical in nature, others are more in the magnetic category, like lodestone. Minerals do also, like plants, have a 12 modularized intelligence scale in their electromagnetic fields, also containing the harmonic intelligence, but they are in a sleeping state. In the 2015 publication, The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian, they noted how: “The mineral kingdom acts as an electromagnetic distribution system for the Earth…Each mineral within the Earth vibrates with a specific band of frequency within the full electromagnetic spectrum of the planet…When we bring a crystal or stone into our electromagnetic field, two things occur. First, the electromagnetic frequencies carried by that stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance, creating a third, larger field of vibration. Your nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and will transmit this information to your brain where the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts that affect the physical body, trigger emotional experiences and shift brain function to open you to spiritual experience. Second, the tiny particles of minerals in your body that also carry that frequency will move into resonance with the particles of mineral in the stone…with additional biochemical shifts.” Old traditions of putting stones in water and in necklaces and amulets are about our body mirroring the stone’s EM (electromagnetic) field.

A wise master once said to me: Nature is in a meditative state of consciousness all of the time!

From my point of view, the conscious or sentient energy continuously moving through human is the instrument of Divine Light and the never-ending forces radiating and reaching all other lifeforms in Nature.

“It is not more surprising to be born twice, than once. Everything in nature is resurrection.”


The purpose of humankind, in my view, is developing high compassion and consciousness, awareness on the fundamental of now complex of modularized whole integrated reflexes, instincts, intelligences and extra sensory perception to raise levels of intelligences and empathy of all other species. 

Survival of planet Earth, of the kingdom of humans, the kingdom of Animals, Plants, Insects, and the Minerals, depends on how fast humans learn to control and activate the High Delta, Theta plus lower Alpha and Gamma brainwaves, which make you highly empathic, compassionate and intuitive, and feeling One with the Oneness, as a gate to the universal state of mind.

Skeptics and cynics and naysayers are everywhere around us, denying the reality about the realities of what they personally can’t or won’t see or sense because of conscious or unconscious fear. Lack of high empathy, compassion and consciousness creates fear. As a result, I find that people who already possess a high degree of compassion and empathy are much easier to train—and be in company with— in telepathic animal and Nature communication than people whose compassion and empathy remains underdeveloped or undiscovered.

Fear is the frequency that dominates the planet right now. Fear of the unknown, fear of others, fear of insects, fear of insecurity, fear of themselves, fear of fear itself. Beta brainwaves are controlling the planet right now. Beta is the bad guy. We need all brainwaves to be in harmony in our collective electromagnetic field, but the human kingdom is too dominated by the Beta brainwaves, which belong to the area of the survival of the fittest.

Humans will become a Nobody without a healthy planet. Without a close relationship with Nature, animals and plants, humankind as a whole, and each of us individually, cannot lead truly healthy and rich lives.

Empathy/compassion and telepathic communication go hand in hand. If we don’t change selfish values into unselfish values, if we don’t go into the Schumann Nature Resonance daily, the low High Theta/low Alpha brainwaves, we won’t develop the level of empathy necessary to assist the planet in its magnificent unfinished evolution and save it from dying.

Going back to Nature is going back to your own true nature. Walk silent together with Nature and you will be able to talk to Nature and listen to Nature.

Stay on the path breathing to get empathic and compassionate to communicate, to connect with all living beings. Once in that state, you forget hate, you forget enemies, they don’t exist any longer, and if there were any enemies, they lose the ability to have an impact on you and your energy field. You are just here in this wonderful space where you feel connected and loved and being able to love unconditionally, which is the new healthy drug.

It’s not any longer about how you look, it’s not about how much money you have, or how much success you have achieved. It is about how often you are able to be connected with your higher consciousness.

If Nature could talk and we could properly listen, Nature would say to us, ‘I am tired of your constant disturbances’. Of course, Nature is tired because it has spent millions of years creating a harmony that only a few people have ever really noticed, appreciated and understood. We must listen to the beautiful orchestra harmony of Nature on the right programming channel, the Schumann Resonance, where these broadcasts naturally occur and where our brainwaves need to be focused.

We all made out of the same light and love. Light and sound travel together, like feminine and masculine energies. Every day, really feel the universe, the evolution, the nature, the animals, the insects, the plants, and your relation to all living beings. To have a life full of joy and happiness and love, develop an attitude of harmlessness toward all of creation.

I hope you choose to act for the greater good and do so with compassion and conscious awareness.

Choose to Talk with Nature and begin your dialogue today!


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